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Tuesday, February 14, 2023

New Release! Fracture #amreading #scifi #romance #spaceopera


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The Fracture War, Book 1

In a fractured world, a powerful bond may be the only thing that can save it…

The Beryllian people are nearly extinct thanks to the Skellyds, a robotic species who have invaded Beryll and turned its cities into factories, manufacturing more Skellyds out of the inhabitants of the planet.  

A powerful Beryllian couple emerges from the ruins to fight back, but their victories do not come without risk. Bazin and Miaxa prefer to go on missions alone, but there is a growing sentiment amongst the Beryllians that bonded pairs have a weakness; if one of the pair dies, the other follows.

Bazin and Miaxa must fight against traitors, the leader of Beryll, and non-believers as they forge a powerful bond that will defy death in the fight to save the Beryllian population from total annihilation. Can this bonded pair survive the attacks against them and those that would tear them apart forever, or will the bond that connects them prove to be more powerful than the traitors who want them dead?

Don’t miss out on the first, enthralling story in The Fracture War! 


Monday, December 19, 2022

A Galaxy of Science Fiction Romances #amreading #bookfair #petsinspace



A Galaxy of Science Fiction Romances! Enter this galaxy for a star field full of science fiction romance and space opera. Find your next book boyfriend or favorite spaceship in this awesome book fair!

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Monday, December 12, 2022

Spreading Joy & Christmas Fear #ViolentNight #Santa #DarkHumor



There's no such thing as hope at Christmas-


'Twas the end of Christmas Eve night and all was not well, for End Town was last and they were destined to fail…

According to the deal Santa has with the residents of End Town, his last stop for the night, things will not end well if they don’t have all of the items on his list! See Santa and his reindeer, including blood-nosed Rudolph, in a totally new light.

This Christmas short is not for the faint of heart but certainly for a dark chuckle. Man-eating reindeer, gifts that can kill, are just a taste of what you can expect this holiday season! Ho! Ho! Ho?




For a dose of fear with belly laughing good cheer, download End Town from your favorite book seller! =D


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