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Monday, June 22, 2015

The SFR Brigade Cafe Androids & Aliens

Welcome to the SFR Brigade summer café! This is the 4th week of the café and we are serving up Androids and Aliens this week. 
Androids and aliens are near and dear to my heart. I love reading books involving them and I love writing them. My favorite is when there is a mix of the two.

My writings involve aliens made from pure energy that have robotic bodies to contain the energy: sentient robotic aliens from the planet Beryll. They cannot take an organic form because their energy core would burn up an organic body. Being called 'robots' is very offensive to Beryllians, though, so I have to be careful with that word.

Despite having robotic bodies, their movements are very fluid and smooth. Think more like Ultron from "Avengers" instead of Robby from "Forbidden Planet." They are able to manipulate their energies along with their bodies to project matter and retract it too. They do this through a form of pair production, a technology humans want to replicate once they come into contact with humans. Humans call them Materializers because they have mastered pair production and contain it so fluidly that it appears that they materialize matter out of nowhere.

Even though Beryllians are pure energy at their core, they still have to have an outside energy source to help fuel their mechanisms and circuitry. There are several ways they can ingest fuel. They can consume it like a liquid; Earth gasoline isn't their favorite, but it does the trick. They also have tiny solar cells lining their upper backs and shoulders that they can manipulate to face any direction. I suppose a nice appetizer would be to sit out under the noon sun and soak up some rays.

Since we're human and can't soak up energy from the sun as sustenance, I have a very simple recipe for a nice refreshing drink on a hot sunny day. Not exactly an appetizer, but it's filling enough to be an appetizer, certainly a pallet cleanser before the main course.

Refreshing Lime Fizzy

1 gallon Lime Sherbet ice cream (or sorbet) straight from the freezer
3 quarts of pale Ginger Ale (chilled)
2 cans of Sprite (chilled)

Dip out frozen sherbet ice cream into a punch bowl. Pour ginger ale and sprite over the sherbet. This recipe is great with raspberry sherbet as well! Enjoy!
For a more adult drink, substitute a strawberry Moscato wine instead.


My short story 'starters' are available on QuarterReads:

"The Skellyd Hunters"

With a core-bonded strength few understand, Bazin and Miaxa are Beryll's finest warriors. Sometimes they go a little too far and Ander is left with the consequences, for better or worse. (Rated M)

"Meet Douglas Fir"

Being human isn't easy with robotic alien residents misunderstanding the simple stuff. Though, Alex can't imagine his family life without Bazin and Miaxa. Time to have them over for Christmas. (Rated PG)

QuarterReads is a wonderful site for buying and selling short stories, but it does require a $5 subscription (with that subscription, you get 20 reads, which at a quarter a piece equals to $5...hence QuarterReads).

However, I'm gifting 2 reads to anyone who comments below (no subscription required), so you can read "The Skellyd Hunters" and "Meet Douglas Fir" for free (again, no subscription required, so it's completely free)! Please include your name and email in your comment and you will receive 2 free reads from QuarterReads. (There will be a week delay since I will be on vacation at the time of this post. Also, I know Brigade members are trying not to bogart all the prizes, but please go ahead and comment if you'd like a couple of free reads. I have plenty of reads to gift out to people.)

I have several works in progress regarding the Beryllians and can't wait to further introduce them soon.
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