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Friday, October 4, 2013

The SFR Brigade Presents (19)

Welcome back to The Science Fiction Romance Brigade Presents! This weekly event is when members of The SFR Brigade get together and post snippets from their books or WIPs.

What I am presenting this week is a snippet from my WIP that I've been calling the 'Fracture Series.' My short story, 'The Stranger,' that is published in "Tales From the SFR Brigade" is set in the far future of the snippets I have posted so far. If you're interested in those snippets, you can read them in the following blog posts: The SFR Brigade Presents (1) , The SFR Brigade Presents (3) , SFRBP (4) .

In this snippet, Miaxa has been separated from her team and is flying the 'Illusion.' She is trying to land so that the team can climb on board and escape the Skellyds that are closing in on their position. Leeda, the leader of that team and Miaxa's best friend, forces her to make a difficult choice. This particular entry is from Leeda's point of view.



"Leeda, I can't get to you." Miaxa sounded frustrated and desperate through the link.

Leeda and her fellow Gathons watched from their position on the ground as their ship dodged the airborne Skellyds. Miaxa flew over them, but it was clear that she was never going to be able to land.

Leeda glanced at Tinton, who nodded, already knowing the only choice they were faced with at that moment. The 'Illusion' was his ship and Leeda always remembered that.

"Fly into it," Leeda transmitted to Miaxa.

"What?" Miaxa exclaimed in shock.

"Fly into the portal," Leeda transmitted clearly.

"No way!"

Leeda and her companions watched helplessly as Miaxa flew Tinton's ship over the portal but not into it.

"Fly into it now before they close it," Leeda bit out.

"No," Miaxa yelled. "I'm not leaving you."

"Do it! That's an order."

The first two Skellyds were closing in on the ship from the starboard and port sides. The Skell that didn't seem to run out of missiles was closing in on its aft and a newcomer was flying straight at it from the front. Leeda could see that Miaxa had a clear shot through the portal if she banked hard to the left while pitching the ship into another nose dive. If she would just do it. She had to know that was her only option; either fly through the portal or get blown out of the sky.

"I will find you," Miaxa whispered as she finally dove into the portal, her quiet promise echoing through the link as she disappeared.


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