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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Covet Blog Tour: A Review of Covet

Hiding in an isolated Newfoundland outport, Scarlett Winters is the living bearer of the secret of immortality. Sebastian Sinclair, vampire and stealer of souls, might be her only hope to escape a deadly power struggle. But can she trust him? Caught between sacrificing her morals and betrayal by those she trusted, Scarlett will risk everything to escape...unless she dies trying.

Tina Traverse fell in love with writing at the age of eight when she wrote her version of the bible story, The Good Samaritan, for a homework assignment.
This love grew into a passionate affair and has been ongoing for thirty years; and there are no signs of it waning.
Though, she admits, when she was pregnant with her son Christian, the affair cooled.
Tina’s desire to write came calling once again when she needed to find a way to cope with heartbreaking news.
Christian was diagnosed with autism in 2010.
Her method of coping was to write a story about his journey called Forever, Christian.
Tina likes to joke that a girl can only write about real life for so long without jumping back into the world of make believe.
She loves to venture into the world of the supernatural; vampires and witches are her favourite!
Tina enjoys all sorts of vampires but admits that she is fascinated with the modern romantic vampire (think Twilight and The Vampire Diaries).
She is currently working on a vampire series based on her first published book, Destiny of The Vampire and has other projects in the works.
When Tina is not at the computer creating her exciting, magical worlds, she is kept on her toes by her two sons, Christian and Brandon.

Sometimes the author manages to curl up in her favourite chair with a good book.


The entire story is in first person present. I like this because it makes me feel the words and move with the story as if each scene is happening right now. It also serves to bring the characters to life, makes them more real.

However, the story is told through first person present by four different characters. Each chapter is labeled with the character's name so we know whose point of view it is we're reading, but I still found myself fumbling with it on a few occasions. I would be reading a passage, forget the point of view I'm in and have to read back so I could remember. Then I'd forget the previous person's point of view and go back to reread that.

Having said that, all the characters we are watching the story unfold through are very intriguing and likable. The writing for each one is very vivid too. The characters leap off the page. This passage really drew me in: "A shriek slithers its way up from the frigid pit of my stomach, choking me until I have no other choice. I set it free."

The story starts off with a bang and ends with a bang. It's action packed with a great twist near the end. While reading, I was very much into each character, getting to know them very well, but had a hard time understanding how all of the events would come together. There is a lot of dialogue that I was confused on who was saying what and there isn't much explanation to the events. The events are simply happening and the reader is left to simply go with it, which I did.

The characters do eventually come together, but there are some aspects with the events that I'm still confused on. This is a trilogy, however, so I have a feeling it will all come together by the end.

The way the story is told is very mysterious. Small pieces are revealed bit by bit, making me turn each page to get all the answers.

Each chapter is like looking through a window of one point of view to the next, like looking through a window of a single intriguing event unrelated to the next. There's not much sense of time, though 2 months was mentioned in ch. 24 and the passing of more time was mentioned after that.

Sebastian and Declynn are very funny. I love their twin antics. The way they work together after their transition is pretty scary! I still like them, though. Their dialogue made me laugh.

That flashback where Declynn's mother catches her and her friend. Oh man, that made me catch my breath! 

The relationship between Scarlett and Elijah moves a little too fast. One moment she's employed by him and the next they're kissing. Though, I was under the impression a lot of time had passed. I felt bad for Elijah's fate, then wondered if it was set up that way by him and Diana. Still, though, he seems like a tortured soul that needs to find his true love.

Diana's relationship with the Leblanc brothers was pretty vague. Since much of this book read like an introduction to the characters, I'm thinking there will be more revealed on this in the next books.

To sum it all up, the characters are the main focus of the story. They are introduced through numerous action packed, nail biting, events, but the events aren't necessarily related. What eventually comes together are the characters. The story is told in a unique way. All in all, I liked it!


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