Aliens in the Barn

Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Joy of Things That Just Pop Into Your Head

Do you have a certain time when or where things just pop into your brain? I come up with so much stuff when I'm either in the shower or that time right after I wake up but haven't gotten out of bed yet.

It was that such time this morning (or was it yesterday morning by now?) when the coolest idea for what my aliens will be able to do came crashing through my thoughts and bringing me to full wakefulness with excitement. Unfortunately, I couldn't write it down right away because I had to go to a conference, but the idea stuck with me all day long.

I am very excited about this new idea. I can see it perfectly in my mind. I think the inspiration for this idea is a weird cross between Tron and Transformers (not the plot, but a specific tech). Now I'll just have to describe it on paper... That could end up being very technical. That makes me wonder how much tech I can/should include. I've had mixed reviews for my technical descriptions in my fan fiction. I've had people to tell me they love it and lament that they don't see more descriptions like that in published works. I've also had people tell me it was too dense, as in too thick and complicated.

That's both sides of the spectrum there, so I'll have to find a nice middle ground. However, I'm with the reviewers that wish they could see more tech in sci fi romance writing. I suppose that's why I like to write it into my stories so much. I love tech...and deep emotion. I feel that I do well in writing both, mixing the two even, but then I have to wonder what's too strange.

Who knows, though, maybe strange is good. It is certainly...different.

So, I need to go to bed and see what strange alien tech inspiration will strike me when I wake up in the morning *smile.*


  1. I think that as far as 'tech in sci-fi' writing goes, there can never be enough. I mean, its SCIENCE fiction, after all - where's the science? LOL! I do have to agree though, that there does have to be a balance, as precarious as that may be, between too much and not enough. If you are describing a whole new world/thing/technology/whatever, readers need enough of a description to at least get a good grasp of it, but not so much that those that don't really understand, or aren't interested in the 'technical' side of things don't get bogged by it. It is a hard place to find, but I truly do believe that science fiction technology needs to have a good founding description.

    As for the random ideas/thoughts striking me? They like to torment me while I am either driving, or while I am at work and do not have the moment to scribble the idea down somewhere. Silly plot(insert creature here)s ambushing us at the most inconvenient moments!

  2. Definitely agree. I imagine that there are two types of readers: one who wants to read the tech with the story and one who wants to read the story...if that makes sense.

    Oh yes, driving! I've had idea-attacks while driving before too, LOL. And so much stuff comes to me while I'm at work. I totally understand that. I have a small notebook I keep in my pocket. When there's a moment's pause, I usually pull it out and write the idea/thought down *snickers*