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Friday, June 24, 2011

The Perfect Movie Experience

There are very few movies coming out anymore that I would consider the 'perfect' movie. However, there is one out right now that left me speechless:

Super 8

If you have not seen this movie, then I recommend it above anything else that is currently out. Shoot, I recommend it above anything that has been out in a long long time. I do not even recall the last time I had a movie experience that has touched me so.

To anyone reading this blog and my dA page, I'm going to put my review from my dA page here as well. There wasn't much advertisement for 'Super 8' and the previews don't give much away at all, so the success of the movie may be dependent on word of mouth. The movie was so good that I'm going to do my part in getting the word out as best as possible:

I just watched Super 8 I laughed... I cried... And the end of the movie took my breath away. I have not seen such an inspiring movie in a long long time. It was truly brilliant.

One of the perfect things about it is that I knew absolutely nothing. I had no expectations, knew nothing of the plot, and was only going because my digging partner at work said I need to go watch it stat. The previews did not give it away and I haven't seen anything on it at all. Because of that, it was the movie experience I crave to have with TF3.

I left the theater in wonderment of it. Everything about it was very well done: the plot, the music, the acting, all the little details that make a good movie great...everything. It was like all the writers, producers, and actors of the movie just clicked and ran with the brilliance that must be flowing through their veins! Before I was even out the door and to my truck, I called my family to tell them that they need to watch that movie. I wanted to clap and it was awesome when no one in the audience even moved from their seats until more than halfway through the credits! We were all so blown away!

If you haven't seen a movie this summer yet and if there is no other movie you care to see other than TF3, then add this one to your movie-going fun. And if you have seen all the summer movies that have been cranked out thus far, then I can say with certainty that this tops all of them by a long shot. TF3 is going to have to blow my socks off if it is going to beat the awesomeness of Super 8. I'm sure the explosions in TF3 will top it, but I don't think the plot could come close.

I give Super 8 five stars out of five! Bravo to everyone who had anything to do with the making of that movie!

(end of review)

For me, the movie to beat all movies this summer is Transformers 3: Dark of The Moon. I cannot wait until this movie! I even got tickets for an early special presentation at 9PM the night before the premiere and I'm insanely excited. However, 'Super 8' was one of those surprise movies that just came out of nowhere, making the movie experience one of the most memorable. 'Super 8' does not have any of the hype that Transformers 3 has, yet it certainly has the potential to be just as much of a blockbuster. The debate is still out on how good Transformers 3 is going to be, but there's no question that 'Super 8' is awesome beyond words.


  1. I'm super excited for TF3, but probably won't see it for a while. I'm not big on seeing movies by myself and I don't have any big TF fan friends that are near me at the moment so I'll have to wait for August which sucks.

    Still not to sure if I want to see Super 8 though (sorry!). I heard it was a horror flick (or had horror elements) and that's totally not up my alley.

  2. To Jenny: I thought it was a horror flick too, and wasn't going to go watch it at all because of that. I don't like horror films either. However, it isn't a horror film. They might have shot themselves in the foot on making people think it was.