Aliens in the Barn

Friday, June 3, 2016

SFR Brigade Showcase: Romancing the Stars #SFRB #SciFi #Romance


Welcome to June's SFR Brigade Showcase! Here you'll find new releases, recommended reads, and fun topics. Everyone participating in this month's showcase can be found here: SFR Brigade Showcase . Go check out their posts too. :)

There has been a lot of buzz on the interwebs about SFR Brigade's Portals. When that project was proposed, many new ideas were tossed around. One of the spin-offs was a new anthology, a project I was happy to be able to participate in.

Eight Brigade authors came together to create eight science fiction romance stories. We each read the stories and helped each author to create wonderful SFR with enough varieties to entice a wide audience. The SFR Brigade is a great group with lots of supportive authors, readers, cover designers, and editors. We are very happy to have this new anthology for pre-order, but the official release date is June 28th.

Check out this great cover!

Welcome to Romancing the Stars! With eight short stories of romance and adventure, you're sure to find a happily ever after. From space pirates to cyborgs, alien planets to psi sex, we've got you covered at every heat level.

New to Science Fiction Romance? This collection is the perfect introduction! Lots of romance balanced by sci-fi elements. Strap yourself in, fire the boosters, and enjoy your transport to our futuristic worlds!

- Star Cruise Rescue by Veronica Scott
Heat Level: Mild
A shore leave excursion goes terribly wrong. Will Clint be able to save Mira from the aliens holding her prisoner?

-Maricar's Gamble by Lyn Brittan
Heat Level: Mild
Follow Mari Ocampo, a killer on the run willing to do anything to survive, even if it means the unthinkable: going on the fucking straight and narrow.

-Hunter Bond by Carysa Locke
Heat Level: Mild
Sanah and Dem will do anything to help their ailing child, even if it tears their marriage apart.

-Gifts of Jangalore by Aurora Springer
Heat Level: Mild
Empath Rosa Spruce is the hired guard for Psi Master Varan. Their perilous venture brings unexpected rewards.

-Cyborg Security by Melisse Aires
Heat Level: Medium
Adoption has never been this difficult, and the consequences are on Aerria. Who can she trust?

-All of Me by Lea Kirk
Heat Level: Medium
Can a pregnant widowed woman let go of the past and embrace her future?

-Aliens in the Barn by Kyndra Hatch
Heat Level: Hot
There’s a mechanical extraterrestrial living in Alex’s barn, but what will happen if the alien’s wife arrives? Wait, Bazin’s married?

-Alien Bond by Sabine Priestley
Warning: Hot and steamy content intended for 18+
Kara isn’t happy with the seemingly alien control of the Sandarians, but can she resist if one bonds to her?

Thank you for reading! Please visit Veronica Scott and Aurora Springer, the other two participants in the SFR Brigade Showcase this month. 

Happy reading!


  1. I can't wait fr the anthology to be released! I loved writing a Star Cruise short story...and your aliens in the barn story was amazingly hot :)