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Friday, September 9, 2016

Review of Widower's Aura by @ajreneeauthor #ContemporaryRomance

I am participating in the blog tour for AJ Renee's debut novel, "Widower's Aura" through Between the Sheets Promotions. Contemporary Romance is not my normal genre, but I have met AJ and wanted to help promote her book. I received an ARC copy in exchange for an honest review. A little about the book first:


Living in a world full of colors, Sofia Brazier escapes a career gone south as a juvenile probationary officer in New Orleans. After moving to the small town of St. Fleur, Sofia opens a photography business in hopes of ridding her life of all the dark auras surrounding the damaged souls she once tried helping. Her comfortable new life is upended when widower, and ex-security-forces-turned-handyman hunk, Noah Tyler enters the local pub.

Noah attempts to avoid the voluptuous beauty who has captivated his every thought. That is, until his daughter vandalizes Sofia’s building and effectively seals their fate. After cutting his daughter a break, Sofia begins tearing down the walls he built after his wife’s death.

Just when life finally seems worth living for Noah, Sofia finds herself the victim of a string of crimes. Can he protect Sofia when he failed to protect his own wife?


I rate this book 4 stars!

"Widower's Aura" is a very sweet story. Not 'sweet' as in heat levels. The heat level is sizzling hot, with full descriptions of the act in all its glory. I wouldn't call it erotica, but do know there is no 'fade to black.' This is a sexy romance with a fully developed plot and fully developed characters. The writing is solid and the story flows well. 

Spoilers ahead, so don't read further if you don't want spoilers. Just go read the book and enjoy. 

The story itself is sweet. It's about a man grieving for his lost wife who meets a woman that turns his world upside down and the ensuing conflict of how to move on or even if he could move on. Noah has a daughter who is also grieving, but who is very ready to move on in the form of Sophia, who gives Lexi a much-needed second chance. I was confused by the seer telling Sophia that nothing is at it seems with the daughter, because nothing really came of that, other than giving Sophia doubt about the girl during a bought of vandalism. Maybe the seer was talking about something else the ended up happening (I'm giving spoilers, but not going to give it all away), but I couldn't find that part of the book again to confirm if the seer said 'daughter' or 'teenager.' 

It's about a woman who fled her past life, who moves into a new town to start over. She was adopted, but has also found her biological family, and the conflict there was a great read for me because it's something I've often wondered about with adopting children. Sophia can see auras, but that part is a little too glossed over. I thought people would have a bigger reaction to that and they simply don't; very little reaction at all. It's an interesting addition, but I thought it would have more of a center stage since it's in the title. 

When Noah and Sophia finally get together and with all the family and friends we meet along the way, along with Lexi's acceptance...It's all very sweet. Great debut novel by a great author with lots of room for more. I'm pleased to find that this is the first of a series, because I can name at least 2 more couples in this book who need their own book (3 if the author intends for the teenagers to stay together, or get back together later in life...a book of them in adulthood would be interesting).  

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