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Monday, July 3, 2017

Newsletter Sign-up $200 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway @AuthorPrisca #Giveaway

My gosh, Prisca's Promo is on fire this month! Introducing yet another chance to win a $200 Amazon gift card!

With this giveaway, you only need to enter once for a chance to win the $200 Amazon gift card. You will then be subscribed to the newsletters of all the participating authors. There are 38 authors in all, which means you will be subscribing to the newsletters of 38 amazing authors. You'll get news of their books, info on free or discounted books, news on more opportunities to win great prizes, and just general fun things each of the authors like to share. You might find your next favorite authors to spend your awesome Amazon gift card on! Or buy that X-Box you always wanted. ;) Use the gift card for whatever you want! And if you find you don't want to be subscribed to one or more of these authors newsletters, you can simply unsubscribe.

This giveaway runs from July 1-10th. Here is the link to enter:

Happy reading!


  1. Hi Kyndra,

    Thanks for letting us know about such amazing Amazon Gift Card Giveaway. However, I must say only 10 days to participate in this content is low. If it would be a time period of 1 month then it would be great.

    Thanks again Kyndra

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