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Thursday, April 28, 2011

A Blogging Question

This may be a dumb question, but I'm new to blogging. How do you reply to people who post comments? It appears that you cannot reply in your email inbox, because that is just a 'no-reply' type thing just showing you you have a comment. So, I started trying to reply to comments with another comment, but that just posts as new comments and I don't know if the person I'm replying to ever sees them. Is there some easier way to reply to comments where the person I'm responding to actually gets the response?


  1. i'm curoius myself

    psst, have you seen the new trailer for TFDotM yet? i know you don't wanna be spoiled much, but it's floating around the net

  2. On April 29th, I replied through my email with this message:
    I'm replying through my email to see if you get this message. If you do get this message, please send me a note letting me know you got it. That would mean I've finally figured out how to reply!

    Haven't seen the new trailer yet...Sorta saw it and then turned my head away because I really want to see it in the theater, but I'm SO EXCITED!!! *dance*


    It appears replying through emails does not work at all. Flameshield, if you get this message, please let me know you got it so I'll know that replying to messages by adding another comment works. If this doesn't work, then I guess comments on blogs cannot be replied to. I sure hope it works, because I'm not sure I like that possibility at all...

  3. yea, i see ya, shame the email doesn't work... although i think i need to make adjustments through my email providor, some messages filter through and others hit spam... dang AOL can't decide