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Friday, February 22, 2013

The SFR Brigade Presents (4)

Hello everybody! Welcome back to The Science Fiction Romance Brigade Presents #sfrbp. This week's snippet is from an excerpt that I posted about a year ago. Since I've been posting snippets from my 'Fracture' storyline, I wanted to include this bit of insight for the SFR Brigade Presents.

The characters in the snippet from this work in progress are metaloids, mechanoids, mechs...I'm still working on what to call them. Nothing about them is organic, but they aren't robots either. In fact, being called a robot by a human would be insulting to them.

This snippet is set in the Scrap Yards of Histerron, which is like a junk yard. Histerron is a Skellyd city. Skellyds are the 'bad guys' of the story, but being 'bad' or 'good' in the story is not really so black and white...I definitely explore the gray areas with each faction. I haven't come up with a name for the 'good guys,' but Bazin is a 'good guy.'

I mentioned in my first snippet for SFR Brigade Presents (SFRBP 1) that Bazin and Miaxa are survivors of a long war. This particular snippet shows a bit of Bazin as a soldier.




Bazin saw them too late; two Skellyds. He jumped behind a pile of scrap metal, rolling out his arm-mounted cannon, waiting for the attack.

The attack never came.

He was beginning to think that, perhaps, they didn't see him. Bazin peeked out from his hiding place to see if they were still there; they were. They looked like they were lying low, waiting for something.

After a few more moments, it was clear that they hadn't seen him after all. He decided to sneak around them from behind to get the drop on them before they knew what hit them...

As Bazin came around them from behind, he stopped dead in his tracks. Dropping his arms down to his sides as he rolled his cannon back in its casing, he stood up, staring at them as he walked in front of them. His core sank at the horror before him.

They were two bonded Skellyds. They had been executed. They had probably been the only bonded Skellyds in the city, hiding it for as long as they could.

Bazin just stared at them, several emotions taking hold that twisted his core. He still hated them because they were Skells, but the single act that they would be frozen in forever gripped him...

They were holding hands.


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  1. Ooh. All I can think is why on earth is he so surprised they're holding hands.

  2. I got chills from his realization. Indeed, that shows the gray areas for taking sides. Thanks for the peek!

  3. Thank you so much Rachel and Laurel!

    Rachel: I have a lot about why he is surprised, which is part of the focus of the story. He wonders how an enemy that he thinks is pure evil can feel love for another. He has been hurt so bad by this 'enemy' that he forgets they are also like him. In a lot of ways, he is like them, but he would never admit that. Thank you for commenting!

    Laurel: I'm so excited that the snippet gave you chills! Thank you for the comment!

  4. The shades of grey element is strong in this snippet. I liked it a lot.

  5. Oh dear. I recognize this scene! I remember how sorry I felt for that pair of dead, bonded 'Cons in NIGHT FIRE, and now I still can't shake off the shivering when I witness this sad scenario. Poor them.

    I sincerely hope you can have more time to work on this book and get it published, so we can get to read the complete version of your story someday. I'm eagerly looking forward to it!

    1. It is very sad. Sometimes I wonder how I can come up with this stuff; it's just so sad.

      You have no idea how happy I am to hear you say that. I so want to get the complete version out there and it makes me so happy to know you want to read it. It will likely be several books. The organization of it is stumping me somewhat, but I'm working through it. :)

    2. Awesome! :D

      And wow, several books? That's a big project. It sounds like an epic saga with a large cast and all the intriguing plots. I can't wait to see your work!

  6. Okay, I tried to respond to your reply but it seemed that I posted it in the wrong place. It's difficult to use Blogger's comment system since I'm more familiar with using dA.

    Anyways, just wanna make sure you didn't miss the message. And good luck with your writing! :D

    1. Oh no, it seems I did miss the message. But, at least I am seeing this now! Blogger needs to work on their comment system.

      Thank you again!