Aliens in the Barn

Friday, February 1, 2013

The SFR Brigade Presents

Welcome to The SFR Brigade Presents! This is where a group of authors from The Science Fiction Romance Brigade get together and post snippets from their works.

For your reading pleasure, I present to you a snippet from a project that I have been working on. I don't have a set title for it, but have been thinking of calling it, "Fracture." There's a lot more to it, but the short description is that it is about space aliens who have survived a long war and are now marooned on Earth with a human that's trying to understand them. In this snippet, the human, Alex, sees them being affectionate and wonders if aliens can be lovers. Enjoy!


Alex caught movement in a grove of trees and headed in that direction, the anger he had directed at them bleeding away with each step. As he came to the edge of the treeline, he saw them, and then stopped in his tracks, awed by what he was seeing.

Bazin was holding Miaxa in his arms, their chests making a humming noise. Alex realized, with curiosity, that they were resonating in unison. Their hands were cupped behind their necks with that strange wire connection. She was caressing the side of his face, idly tracing the scar there with her thumb.

Bazin had told Alex some of the craziest war stories he had ever heard, but he never told Alex how he got that scar. Bazin was leaning his head into her touch, his optical sensors shuttered.

Were they in love? Could space aliens even be lovers?

They were speaking softly to each other in that weird electronic whirring language, though there seemed to be some deeper communication going on, either through the wire or their chests or both. Bazin looked the most content Alex had ever seen him, but also...sad.


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  1. Thanks for the snippet from your WIP.

  2. Awww, I'm really touched by the hint of sadness at the end...I like the idea of the human having to grapple with aliens having emotions and loving each other. Great snippet.

  3. Great snippet! I love the sounds you incorporated. Drew me right into his thoughts for some reason!

  4. Wow. This is a take on aliens I haven't seen before. Cool!

  5. Ahh, I want to know more about the aliens and why he'd be sad.

  6. Ohh, very intriguing snippet. The sense of emotions leaps off the page. I'd love to read more.

  7. Thanks everybody for the nice comments and encouragement!

    Veronica: I'm so glad you liked the idea. I'm having fun playing with this.

    Eva: Awesome! Thank you!

    Rachel: Cool! I'm so excited to write more of my aliens. :)

    Melisse: I'm so happy you want to know more!

    Laurie: Thank you! I can't wait to write more. :)

  8. A strong nostalgia hit me when I was reading this snippet. This scene reminded me of three particular characters in NIGHT FIRE. You have no idea how much I miss that wonderful fanfiction of yours.

    Anyway, a great snippet which can easily pique any reader's interest. Looking forward to your story, then!

    1. Yes! A lot of the storyline will feel like deja vu for you, though a lot of things have changed as well. I've taken out everything that was the 'fan' part and kept all the original plots and ideas that are mine from that particular story. I hope you will like what I've done with it.

      Thank you!